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Best Custom Dog Crates For Cars | Our Top Picked in 2021

Last Updated on January 22, 2021

It’s a very hard task while searching for the Custom Dog Crates For Cars? If yes then you come to the right place as today we will cover the topic about the best Dog Car Crates.

Just like we human beings dogs also love to go out and have fun with their owner. So, it is very necessary to take care of your dog while you are going out with a pet by car. Leaving the dog free in your vehicle is the worst thing that every pet owner does.

Just because you let them free it doesn’t mean that you are making them independent. The reality is that they may cause a serious accident while driving.

As you know that dogs feel very uncomfortable while sitting on the seats also they keep falling from it and sometimes they disturb you while driving.

They sometimes want your lap while you are in hard traffic or even worse. In this way, it is necessary to make sure that your dog has a safe trip while still enjoying the ride.

There are many ways to carry your dog in a car which you must need to know before going on a trip. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of having a crate, the best crate to buy and some tips about the road trip.

Best Custom Dog Crates For Cars

These are the 8 best dog crates for cars that you can buy for the safe and secure travel of your pet. Every crate has its own features which make it unique and more comfortable from each other.

Always choose the right carrier for your pets by watching at your pet’s height, weight or size. It is because that if you buy a cage which is 2 inches taller from your dog and it will make in uncomfortable to move and may feel them stressful.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed and CarrierSleepypod Mobile Pet Bed and Carrier Check Price On Amazon
Petmate Sky Portable Airline Approved Travel Dog Crate KennelPetmate Sky Portable Airline Approved Travel Dog Crate Kennel Check Price On Amazon
Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier with Forma Frame Custom Car CratePetego Jet Set Pet Carrier with Forma Frame Custom Car Crate Check Price On Amazon
4x4 North America Variocage Single Custom Dog Crates For Cars4×4 North America Variocage Single Custom Dog Crates For Cars Check Price On Amazon
MidWest Side-by-Side Double Door SUV Dog CrateMidWest Side-by-Side Double Door SUV Dog Crate Check Price On Amazon
K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier for PetsK&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier for Pets Check Price On Amazon
Gycinda Dog Car Seat Covers  Back for Trucks SUVGycinda Dog Car Seat Covers Back for Trucks SUV Check Price On Amazon
Comfort Airline Approved Pet Crate for DogsComfort Airline Approved Pet Crate for Dogs Check Price On Amazon

There are many dogs carries for cars available on the internet but choosing the best one is a very difficult task. I have provided some best crates which you need to check and then can decide whether its good for you or not. So, let’s move to the best car crates for dogs.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed and Carrier

If you own a new dog and you are going outside with him but he is afraid of the environment. Then Sleepypop could be the best option for you as it provides security, durability & reliability.

This is the best choice for the pet owners whose dog is smaller, cosy and helps them to travel safely and with fun.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed and Carrier

It contains the shoulder pad which helps you to carry your dog anywhere you want. Socializing that small puppy is very important as they could understand and communicate with you during the travel.

The top domed pad can be removed and make a sleeping bed for your tired pet. This could be great while you are travelling too far and it could also reduce stress.

It is made of the durable nylon from the outside and is very soft and the reliable polyester from inside. A shoulder strap has the padded which helps you to carry your dog without hurting your arms.

The bedding of this carrier comes with the washable foam, and this foam is 100% water-resistant. This means that you can have this for a long time until your puppy becomes the Dog.


  • It is car Crashed tested and passed successfully
  • The above-domed cap will be removed to provide like home experience for your puppy
  • The naturally rounded shape will help your puppy to enjoy sleeping
  • Straps can be hanged into any car seat
  • It is made of the durable fabric
  • The sleeping pad can be washed and its foam is water-resistant


  • Not suitable for the big dogs
  • It is not very ventilated

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Petmate Sky Portable Airline Approved Travel Dog Crate Kennel

Petmate Sky Portable Airline Approved Travel Dog Crate Kennel

This Petmate Sky is the best carrier example for the hard-sided kennel. It has the best ventilation features and also provides the tie feature to avoid the crate from moving during driving.

This car crate is the best option for medium-sized dogs. The metal body of this carrier provides the best durability and reliability and gives your puppy more security and safe travel.

It has the ventilation strings where air can pass easily and gives your dog the joy of fresh air. This carrier is also recommended for the travel whether it’s with your or in the luggage. Its carrying handle helps you to pick your dog easily from one place to another.


  • Durable and the most reliable
  • Better for the bigger routes
  • Ventilation to give your puppy fresh air
  • Can be tied with your car for more security
  • It is very easy to assemble (you will get the guide with it)


  • Because of its heavy-duty metal, it is difficult to move it from one place to another
  • You need to place a bed by yourself
  • It doesn’t get break down easily

Check Price

Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier with Forma Frame Custom Car Crate

This is very best and the lightweight carrier for the long route travel for your pets. It is not only good for the dogs but it is also good for the cats as well.

The material is made of the durable and reliable cloth which comes with the claw proof door and the windows.

Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier with Forma Frame Custom Car Crate

Ventilation features you the 360 air cross so your pet can get fresh air during the travel. It contains the handles which help you to carry your pet by hands, hanging them on the shoulder, as a backpack or fix it in your car seats.

This format frame is tested the car crash and it successfully passed that test with ease. Its new Forma Frame design converts your carrier into the solid structure to provide more comfort and safety to your pet.

This is best for all the smaller puppies who are just too young to go out on the travel. The cloth which is used in this carrier doesn’t become hot easily so this means that you can keep your pet outside in this crate without harming it.


  • Can easily carry your pet with this carrier
  • You can fit it in your seat easily
  • Ventilation gives the fresh air
  • Its claw proof doors and Windows provides more durability
  • Forma Frame solid structure to provide more comfort and security


  • You need to purchase components for the bike, air travel, train travel separately

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4×4 North America Variocage Single Custom Dog Crates For Cars

4x4 North America Variocage Single Custom Dog Crates For Cars

The Variocage single Custom Dog Crates For Cars is more than a carrier. Although the heavy-duty construction of this crate can handle any damage and provides you with the more security that you even think.

It is tested by its company and it becomes one of the best secure and safest crates ever. Variocage can bear the bigger accidents without getting a single scratch on it.

This comes with the emergency escape hatch when you got into an accident. It has a hydraulic lock, and thick metal bars avoid it from breaking during the accident. This is tested by every possible crashes, test and it can be used for every size of the dog.


  • It is very durable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for any size of pets
  • This cage is made for every travel
  • Passed all the possible crash test
  • Emergency hatch


  • It’s very heavy to carry
  • This carrier is very expensive as compared to any
  • Difficult to move once its setup

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MidWest Side-by-Side Double Door SUV Dog Crate

MidWest Side-by-Side Double Door SUV Dog Crate

This MidWest Side-by-Side double door custom crates for the dog is suitable for SUV or the Van owners. If your dog has just played in the dirt and you have to go on travel anyhow and you don’t have enough time to wash your dog at that time.

Then this carrier could be very helpful for you as it allows you directly to load your dogs from the backside of your van.

It comes crate can be fit with the two-door opening so that you can keep two dogs at once and they can enjoy the view from the back.

The cages are collapsible so when you are not using it then you can collapse them to keep more space. Even you can collapse them in such a way that you can carry the groceries on the above of it while they are not in use.

There are two doors from both sides to access it from the backside or from the front side. If you are camping at a place and want the company of your dog you can then keep them out from the front side. Also, if your dog became dirty while playing in the water or anywhere else then you can load him from the backside.

Its wire design provides the best ventilation experience so that dogs can get fresh airflow. Also, these cages are 100% rust-resistant as these are durable e-coated. You also get the plastic pan so that it helps you to clean your crate easily.


  • It helps you to keep load the dogs from the back and the front side
  • The size is able to fit two carriers in your Van & SUV at a time
  • Plastic pans are added to clean the carrier easily
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Passed all the crash and other tests
  • 1-year brand warranty from the manufacturer


  • Cannot handle the destructive dogs
  • It doesn’t have the mess like some other things

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K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier for Pets

If your pet loves to travel with you whether its cat or the dog then this will surely fulfil all your requirements.

This secure & reliable custom car crate for dogs helps you to keep your dogs safe while driving. You can secure your pet with any type of seat belt with the belts or the handles. These handles will also be used to carry the cat or the dog outside to the park or on the go.

K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier for Pets

This carrier is full of mesh which doesn’t hindrance the view for your dog so that he could enjoy the scenery without getting disturbed. The mesh design of the crate will help the puppies to get fresh air from outside from every side.

You will get one year of warranty from the official seller so that you satisfy with their product and also could choose that you invested your money in the right place. This is not suitable for destructive dogs so it can be only used for family type pets which are quite.

K&H pet car carrier comes with the three different sizes which you can choose according to the size of your dog. The below surface of the crate is removable so that it could help you to clean it easily.


  • The mesh design of the carrier help your pets to see all the sceneries
  • Keep your dogs safe so they don’t distract you while driving
  • Fully Ventilation
  • Below surface can be removed to easily clean it
  • Can fit in any car seat
  • Handles can be used to carry your dogs outside


  • Not suitable for the destructive dogs
  • The above surface doesn’t fit on some cars
  • It is not suitable for the accident

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Gycinda Dog Car Seat Covers  Back for Trucks SUV

Gycinda Dog car crate is made of waterproof, smooth & durable polyester which is of about 16 inches. This car crate can handle a total of 20 pounds of the weight and is best for the puppies. It’s adjustable design help you to compress it and place it anywhere when it is not in use.

Gycinda Dog Car Seat Covers  Back for Trucks SUV


This crate is best for the SUV, Vans or either the car its convenient design makes it more reliable when placing it on your vehicle seat.

It has a ring that helps you keep your dogs safe and avoid it from moving when you are driving on off-road. The material is fur, claw, and the waterproof so your seats will remain dirt free and you don’t face any problem while cleaning.

Its mesh design helps your dogs to get the fresh air and enjoy the sceneries while you are driving. There is a zipper pocket in which you can store the toys of your dogs or the cushion for the padding to provide more comfort to your pet.

Your pets whether it is a cat or the dog will never ever face the stress while you are driving with this amazing durable pet booster car crate.


  • Suitable for the long route travels
  • Keep your dog’s stress-free and relive their anxiety
  • Best for the dogs as well as for the cats
  • The zipper pocket is useful to keep the toys in it
  • Mesh design helps to provide the fresh air
  • Can fit with any of the car, UAV or the van
  • The compressible design will let you compress it while you are not using it


  • Not as secure as compared to other crates

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Comfort Airline Approved Pet Crate for Dogs

If you are travelling abroad on a trip but you don’t want to leave your pet at home alone then this comfort Airline will be the best choice to buy now.

This car crate is suitable for car travel, bus travel & even for air travel as well. There are two sides to the ventilation which also help your dogs to see the outside as well as you can see your pet from it.

Comfort Airline Approved Pet Crate for Dogs

It is suitable for all the 4 seasons and it can be kept under the seat in most airlines. This can be easily disassembled so that the base will be used as a nest for other types of pets.

It has the handles which can be used to easily carry your pets from place to place. This crate is suitable for smaller pets like cats, kittens, puppies and for rabbits as well.


  • It is best for Airline travel
  • Suitable for the 4 seasons
  • It also can be used in outdoor, indoor, car & aeroplane
  • Two Ventilation sides which help your dog to see outside as well
  • The below surface can be removed easily to clean it


  • Not suitable for the long route
  • It is not safe in case of the accident
  • Constructed with the plastic

Check Price

Which is the Best Custom Dog Crate for Cars

If you are still unsure about the best car crates for your pets then I will highly recommend you to buy a 4×4 North America Variocage. It is because this is the only crate which protects your dogs from the accident and is tested by the company itself and passed all the test successfully.

The crate is constructed with the strong metal and it also has the emergency escape hatch in case of a serious accident. It is also suitable for all the sizes of dogs no matter you have a puppy or silent dog or whether its a destructive dog it can handle every size dog easily.

This looks a little bit expensive but what more than the security and the safety of your dog? Of course, nothing, because these dogs are not only animals but they are like a family so it is a must to make sure your family is safe and secure.

Things you need to know before buying Custom Dog Crates For Cars

Before buying the Car Crate for a dog there are a lot of things which you need to take care of, for example, size, weight, material and many more which we will discuss below.

Things to Take Care of

Size: This is the most important thing which everyone should take care of before buying a crate. Make sure to buy a Car Crate for a dog that is no longer than 6 inches from your dog size.

It is proven by the many pet owners that having the 6 inches longer crate can help your dog to stay safe in case of an accident.  If you allow more space in it then it produces the momentum in your dog and can harm him badly.

Connectors: Another important thing that you need to take care of it before ordering the crate. Because in case of the low-level connectors the crate will fly away in the accident and may cause serious injuries to the dog. In most of the tests, they have shown that connectors are the only thing that keeps your dog car crate safe.

Locks: This is also recommended in most the cases but most of the people ignore it and don’t discuss it. So, if you want to be sure about the full security and the safety of your pet then make sure to have a quality and the best lock for it.

It is because in case of the accident may be the lock gets broken and your dog may pop out from it and this is the serious issue which may lead him to the death.

Things you need to Avoid

Here are a few things which you need to avoid before choosing a dog car crate:

Wires: Avoid the wire crates as the study suggests they are not good for the accident. Even though you can keep your dogs safe while going on the trip and stop them from walking in your car. Also, these types of car crates will collapse when they fall on the earth.

Soft-Sided Crates: These types are best only for general use and you can use it when you are not going too far. Since they are soft this means that they don’t provide much security for your pets and also they collapse easily when impact.

Plastic: Plastic is a material that is not so much durable and not strong enough. If you are choosing the plastic Dog Car Crates then you are making a huge mistake.

There doesn’t provide a secure and will break easily when they impact on the earth. Research shows that metal dog car carries are the best as compared to the plastic ones as they provide you with more durability and reliability.

Crash Proof VS Distraction Prevention

It could be said that most of the expensive or the majority of car crate for dogs companies failed in the safety tests. Even though it could be said that these are very helpful if we talk about distraction prevention.

Buying the cheap crates for your dogs may not provide you with much security but it is also the fact that these can lower the risk of the car accident. This means that these cheap crates don’t provide full security and the safety to your dog but they are still better than having nothing at all.

We can say the same about these dog seat belts and these boosters for the dogs in care. They may not provide complete security and safety for your dogs but these can also very helpful to avoid your dogs to disturb you. In this way, your dog will be sitting in one place and doesn’t disturb while you are driving which is helpful to keep your focus on road and prevent the accident.

How to Measure Dog Size for Car Crate

It is highly recommended to everyone to buy a crate which is larger than the size of your dog. The carrier must be comfortable enough so your dog can stand or lie down easily without getting disturbed.

If you want to measure the length of your dog then you should measure it from the neck (where you tie the belt) to the end of the tail. Also, make sure to add some more inches so your dog can feel comfortable with the crate.

To measure the height of your dog you need to measure it from the top of its shoulders to the ground.

Please Note: If you are thinking to buy a soft carrier for your dogs then you need to add 3-4 inches in it. In case if you are looking for the hard carrier for your dog then you need to add 6-7 inches in it.

Our Choice > 4×4 North America Variocage Single Crash Tested Dog Cage


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