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Discreet Dog Purse | Pick Best Pet Carrier For 2021

Last Updated on January 22, 2021

Are you the one who is looking for the discreet dog purse for your smaller puppy? Then let me tell you that you came to the right place in which we will discuss on the top best dog purse for small dogs.

Having a cute little puppy is just an awesome feeling in the world because they are like babies and we take care of them like they are our kids.

It is even cuter when you carry them outside while you are going shopping or going outside for a walk. In this case, now the question arises that what should you need which helps you to keep your puppy with you even when you are outside. Of course its the best purse for small dogs?

Now here most people are consuming there a lot of time in the online shopping websites looking for the right product.

As you know that shopping online has too many benefits also it is the only task which consumes a lot of your time. When you search for one thing you will get too many options and you keep going and checking each product will blow your mind for sure.

This is the only reason why everyone should read about the buyer’s guide & the reviews about these types of products.

It is the only reason why I am writing this post so the people can get the benefit from my article and choose the perfect product without getting too confusing. I have discussed the top 10 best discreet dog purse for smaller dogs & cats.

Top 10 Best Discreet Dog Purse

Here is the list of top 10 best dog carrier purse which you can buy to carry your dog outside. Also, take note that these purses can be able to carry the puppies weighing 10 – 15 lbs.

Before ordering any of the product make sure to measure the size, height & weight of your puppy otherwise you may purchase the wrong product.

Sherpa New Tote Around Town Pet Carrier

Sherpa is a well-known company that is famous for combining fashion and the dog carrier together. This small dog purse is very stylish even you can take it outside if you are not picking your puppy. It has the three mesh sides which provide the fresh air flow and also dogs can enjoy the sceneries.

Sherpa New Tote Around Town Pet Carrier

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You will find the zipper pockets in this purse where you can carry the medicine for your ill dog or your own cosmetics. It also has the zipper lock which can be used to lock the purse in a stylish way.

The fabric which is used in this carrier is so soft and it won’t hurt your smaller puppies. It has the pads which provide comfort to the dogs whether they are standing or sleeping.

The total weight of this product is about 2.4 lbs and you can carry about 18 pounds of weighing pet. In this way, you will spend more time with your pup whether you are inside or outside. Your puppy will never feel alone after you buy this and carry it with yourself everywhere.


  • Provides the best airflow with the three mesh Windows
  • Can carry the pet weighing 18 pounds
  • Zipper pockets to carry your cosmetics
  • Made of the soft fabric
  • Good for the cats & the small dogs
  • This product has too many positive reviews


  • It’s not very stylish

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Teafco Petagon Airline Approved Pet Purse

Pentagon carrier purse is made for those who don’t want to leave their puppies alone whether they are going outside or traveling to the world.

It is the airline approved and meets all the requirements of these airlines also this can be fitted under the seat of a passenger cabin with ease.

Teafco Petagon Airline Approved Pet Purse

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This dog purse is not only best for carrying dogs but it is also very stylish as hell that you can also go with it for the shopping or any function/party.

It is very light in weight and comes with the 5 zipper pocket which can be used as the storage where you can keep the toys and the medicine for your dogs and also your personal things. You will also see the double zipper top entrance so your pet can go inside easily.

It has double-layered mesh windows that provide the best ventilation so your puppy can get the fresh air. Also,

this comes with the removable waterproof pad which means you can now clean your purse without facing any issue. This is simply an awesome purse with a combination of style and comfort for dogs as well.


  • This is the cool & stylish purse
  • 3 mesh windows for ventilation
  • Double top zipper to enter puppy easily
  • Removable waterproof pad to clean
  • 5 pockets for the pets toys and for your cosmetics
  • Can be used to carry for the shopping
  • It can hold a weight of 15 lbs
  • Airline approved if you are traveling abroad


  • It is too small for the big size puppies

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Travel Pet Carrier Purse By ANGEL DOGGY

Angel doggy is made from the quality & the comfortable polyester which doesn’t harm the skin of your dog while you are keeping him in the purse.

Discreet dog purse has a unique & fancy design that allows your dogs to see everything around you go with the window.

In that window, they can place their heads and can enjoy everything around them without getting disturbed by those meshes. This window has the soft and comfortable foam-covered all over which doesn’t harm your puppy’s soft neck.

Travel Pet Carrier Purse By ANGEL DOGGY

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It has the best ventilation from both sides so the pet can get a fresh and cool breeze while on a journey. The upper zipper increases the security to ensure that dog/cats are safe inside and doesn’t fall down.

This puppy purse has the anti-slippery pads in the straps which avoid carrier from slipping and secure the falling of the bag.

In this way, you can carry anything when you are shopping or calling with your mate without worrying about if your purse fell down and the puppy gets hurt.

This handbag can support the total weight of 4.4lbs for your cat & dogs. It is highly recommended for small size breeds so don’t ever try to put a big dog in it.

The total size of this bag is about L14” XW8” X H10 which keeps your dog in comfort and reliability. It is the mixture of the quality and the fashion which almost every pet holders must have if they want to keep your dog outside with them.


  • Non-slippery straps don’t let the bag fall down
  • Made of high-quality polyester & PU coating
  • Foam is surrounded to the neck are for comfortability
  • Mesh from both sides provide airflow
  • Stylish purse to carry anywhere
  • Waterproof inner foam removable for easy cleaning
  • Light in weight so it doesn’t pain in your shoulder


  • It is not suitable for the big size breeds
  • You cannot carry it with yourself in flight
  • No option for safety while driving

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Bon Ami Discreet Dog Purse

If your dog is too small and gentle then you should move with this awesome comfortable Bon Ami Discreet Dog Purse.

This dog carrier is approved by the airlines and you can carry your dogs easily in it if you are going to a foreign country.

The product owner also gives you 2 mats to give your puppy a peaceful sleep, the blanket if he is suffering from fever or it is too cold outside & one safety chain which ties your pet with the bag so he doesn’t fall out while jumping or doing fun.

Bon Ami Discreet Dog Purse

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It has the shoulder straps which are made from the soft velvet and these are very gentle to your skin. You will find the two cargo pockets where you can put all your necessary items in it.

Also, it comes with 4 side mesh where pets can get fresh air and also they can see everything from there and enjoy the environment. Two zippers from the above surface open the purse completely and then the pet can go inside easily.

This bag is not too spacious if we compare it with other normal range carriers but even though it provides much comfort.

It can handle the total weight of 16 lbs and is the best choice for all the small pet owners like puppies, cats, rabbits, etc. The total size of this bag is 19 “x 12” x 8 “ which is far better for smaller dog breeds owners.


  • It is airline approved you can carry pet anywhere in the world
  • Velvet straps relax are gentle to the shoulders
  • Mesh from 4 sides gives fresh air & help in viewing outside
  • Free blanket for the peaceful sleep of your dogs in winter
  • Safety chains avoid dogs from falling down when jumping
  • Can handle the weight of 16 pounds & the size is about 19 “x 12” x 8 “
  • Cargo pockets to place your necessary items in it


  • You cannot carry a big size breed dog in it
  • It is not spacious as from other most products
  • No option for car seat belt

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BETOP HOUSE Pet Carrier Tote Around Town Pet Carrier

This beautiful pet carrier is not only fashionable but it is also made of high-quality synthetic leather. The leather which is used in this bag doesn’t fade its colour while you are going outside in sunny weather.

It has one mesh from the first side which helps your dog to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery. You will also find three other meshes from another side which are also good for the ventilation.

BETOP HOUSE Pet Carrier Tote Around Town Pet Carrier

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Even if your dog wants to see outside and don’t want completely closed then there is a zipper from the first mesh.

Open that zipper and it will allow your pet to keep your head out of it and then he can see everything clearly as compared to the mesh.

This has the more space inside so your dog can also go around in it and lay down when he is tired this way he doesn’t need to stand all the way.

Two upper zippers open completely from left to right so you can easily put your pet inside of this discreet dog purse.

It also has the breathable mesh in the middle where your pets can the fresh air. You will also be given a free detachable shoulder strap if you don’t want to carry that purse in your hands all day long.

The bottom plate is removable so when your doggy mess the whole bag you can clean it easily. This dog carrier purse is available in two sizes the Middle size is 35 x 27 x 20 cm, while the large size is 40 x 30 x 20cm. It is always recommended to buy a purse which is 2 – 3 inches larger than your puppy size.


  • It is available in two colours to select what suits on your personality
  • Three mesh from the backside, one mesh in frontside & one mesh in the side for ventilation
  • One button big pouch from one side and a smaller pouch on the other side
  • Available in Large & Medium Size
  • Detachable Straps used to easily adjust the size
  • One mesh zipper keep dog’s face out
  • Removable bottom pad to easily clean it


  • This is not suitable for airlines
  • Cannot be used in everyday life

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BELLMORE GIFT Pet Carrier Bag Pomeranian Pug

Bellamore discreet dog purse is more than an ordinary pet carrier purse. A sling strap can be removed which makes it look like its a handbag or simply a stylish purse.

This bag is the perfect option for all the small pet owners like the cat, rabbit or even for small breeds dogs. The total weight of this product is 1.4 lbs while its size is about 15.7 “x 7.5” x 11 “ where your dog can feel comfortable and enjoy the travel with you.

BELLAMORE GIFT Pet Carrier Bag Pomeranian Pug

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This beautiful lady bag for your pets has two mesh to give your dog airflow also your dog can see behind this enjoy the view from there.

You can roll up the cover of these mesh vents and then simply lock it with the buttons located above that mesh so it doesn’t disturb the view of your dog.

It has two front pockets where you can keep the snacks, medicines, cosmetics or other necessary accessories while you are travelling.

The fabric which is used in the bag is 100% stain proof and can be cleaned easily without any hard work. It has the below pad which is very hard and it can be removed to clean the mess your dog did in it, also it is used to maintain the shape of the bag.


  • It can be used as a handbag or purse
  • Suitable for small pets only
  • Total size is 15.7 “x 7.5” x 11 “
  • It is light in weight
  • Two vents for airflow
  • Made of Stain-proof fabric
  • Below pad can be removed to clean the mess your dog made


  • It is not suitable for the airline
  • This product has the Velcro which some pet may escape from
  • You cannot carry big size dogs

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WOpet Fashion Discreet Dog Purse

If you are looking for the purse which carries your dog with you and also you can use it for personal use? Then this should be a great example of it.

This bag looks like a simple handbag for women but it also supports the smaller puppies in it. The bag is used to carry the pet which weighs 14 pounds whether its cat or the small puppy.

It has the best mesh vent which lets your dog feel comfortable and enjoy the cool air from outside. From this mesh vent, your dog can see everything outside but no one can see that you are carrying a small little pup.

WOpet Fashion Discreet Dog Purse

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It has two pockets where the first small pocket is located outside where you can keep your phone or other small size pieces of stuff.

The second pouch is located inside the bag which is very big in size and you can use it to keep your big stuff like dog toys, medicine or your cosmetics in it. This bag has a total size of 41cm x 20cm x 33cm which is far better for the small breed size dogs.

It is made of the PU leather which you can wash when your dog makes a mess inside it. This is water-resistant so you can wash it totally from inside and outside.

It won’t fade its color or the shining when you are using it outside in the sunny weather nor it will distort. The leather used in it is very soft and doesn’t harm the soft skin of your smaller puppy.


  • It can be used as a normal handbag
  • Two pockets to carry necessary things
  • It has two vents to see dogs outside and for the airflow
  • Light in weight
  • Never fade on sunlight
  • Water-resistant leather
  • It has soft leather which is not harmful to the dogs


  • No option for car seat belt
  • You can’t carry it in an airline

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Pet party Fashion Cat & Dog Carrier Handbag

If you are a fashion lover and want a fancy dog carrier for your pet as well then take a look at this fancy discreet dog purse.

The look of this bag is awesome it has the black strip & the dyed color outside which is a very eye catchy combination.

It has the khaki background with the solid shine handles. This has the removable pad on the surface which is used to clean it when your puppy mess it.

Petparty Fashion Cat & Dog Carrier Handbag

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It has the best ventilation mesh where your puppy can get the cool & the fresh air while traveling with you outside.

You will get multiple pockets which you can use to keep some accessories in it such as your phone & also the toys for your dogs.

There is enough space inside this bag so that the puppy can feel comfortable while inside the bag and play inside.

The total size of this Discreet Dog Purse is about 40 cm. x 29 cm. x 21 cm and you can carry any small size breed dogs in it.

It is also useful when carrying the cat or either the rabbit in it. This fancy dog purse can handle a total weight of 16 pounds.


  • This is the stylish and the fancy designed dog purse
  • The combination of colors can attract everyone
  • Best ventilation for cool & fresh air
  • Multiple pockets to keep stuff in it
  • Enough space to let your puppy sleep
  • It has inside leashed which improves the security
  • The down pad can be removed to clean it


  • It cannot be used for the airline
  • No straps to carry bag with shoulder
  • Some people told about the chemical smell

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PetsHome Discreet Dog Purse For Small Dogs

This purse is the best for smaller dogs or even for the medium size dogs as it comes in two different sizes when you click on this product.

It is fully ventilated so your dog can get the fresh air while on the travel and make sure that the pet doesn’t get too hot inside or feel ill.

This purse is made of the PU leather which is very soft and gentle to the smaller dog’s skin it is padded inside so this way your dog feels comfortable inside it.

PetsHome Discreet Dog Purse For Small Dogs

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There is a leash inside available on this purse which keeps your naughty dog secure inside it and doesn’t come out while jumping.

The leather material design is very easy to clean as it is dirt-resistant and also the bag is waterproof so you can wash it to easily clean. Even though your dog will remain dry whether it is raining outside or someone through the water at the bag.

This purse is approved by the airline and passes all tests which are required so you can easily put this bag under your seat when you are traveling abroad.

It is foldable which means when it is not in use you can easily fold it and save the most of your storage. There is a large pocket available on the side where you can store the food or the smaller things for your pup.


  • Easy to wash
  • Dog remains dry while in rain because of its waterproof technology
  • Foldable to save extra storage while not in use
  • Two ventilate mesh windows
  • Leash to keep the dog secure
  • Can keep under the seat of any airline
  • Padded inside for more comfortability


  • Doesn’t come with the shoulder straps
  • Not recommended for cars as well

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BETOP HOUSE Mirror Surface Faux Leather Tote

This is another product of the BETOP House whereas it is fancier and has more colours to choose from. The purse is available in three different colours Black, Black & Pink and Pink.

You can choose the colour of your choice which suits your personality all the colours are eye-catchy and adorable.

BETOP HOUSE Mirror Surface Faux Leather Tote

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It is made of PU leather which is very easy to clean and it is waterproof so don’t worry about the rain. The purse has two meshes from both sides from where your dog will get the fresh air and also can see through it to enjoy the scenery.

These ventilated meshes can be covered with the flaps which are available on both sides so when you are not carrying your dog you can use it as a normal purse.

It looks more like a stylish purse for a woman instead of the dog carrier in this way you can even carry it to the shopping.

This contains the comfortable padding at the bottom which keeps your dog comfortable and doesn’t collapse while even your dog is not inside.

The leash inside it can be tied with the belt of your dog to keep him secure and safe while he is doing fun inside.


  • This looks a stylish purse more than a carrier
  • Leash to protect the dog from falling
  • Two sides mesh windows for airflow
  • Available in three different colours
  • Easy to clean with a paper
  • Waterproof PU leather
  • Doesn’t collapse when not in use


  • Two mesh windows may not provide proper ventilation
  • No Straps for shoulder
  • There is no option to carry it on a car

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Things to Take Care Before Purchasing Discreet Dog Purse

There are a lot of things that you need to take care of before buying any purse online for your pet. I have written some things which everyone should watch before they make an order.

You should read out carefully so when you love any purchase you should be sure that it fulfils all the requirements.


It is the major thing which you should take care of it as if you choose a wrong size purse than the pet may not feel comfortable inside it or even it doesn’t fit on it.

Because there are many breeds of smaller dogs that may look small but it weighs more than the bigger dogs. Even sometimes people buy a purse that is accurate as of the size of their dogs which makes it uncomfortable while moving around.

It is recommended to measure the size of your dog before ordering online and always buy 2 – 3 inches bigger purse so the dog can lay down and walk around easily.

The perfect way to measure the height is from its leg to the bottom & also the length can be measured from the neck where you tie belt to the end of the tail. Now add a few inches more in it and they make an order.

Design & Material

Most of the people always go for the design of dog carrier and don’t read much about the material used in making them.

Always be sure to read the full material detail otherwise there are some bags available that look really adorable but the material used is not very good enough and they look ugly after some time of usage.

You should always go for the material which is easy to clean otherwise if your dog poop inside then it will be very difficult to clean it and you may through it away because of the smell.

May bags are available in the market which has various pouches for the poop or to keep toys & food inside it.  Some of them give you the leash which can be tied to the belt of a dog and make it more secure.


Instead of checking material make sure to check the functions of that bag as well. Some of the bags are on the market which gives you a shoulder strap which makes it easier to carry it.

Others may don’t contain this and your hands may feel pain while carrying it all the way. Make sure the bag is enough ventilated so that your dog will remain cool & get the fresh air as well.

If you are the traveller than you should always go for the purse which is airline approved because most of the airlines have different requirements.

So, if you just purchase a purse that doesn’t comply with requirements then you may face a problem.


This is the most thing which every middle-class pet owner take care of like if you are rich then you don’t worry about money and you can purchase expensive things as well.

It is totally different if we talk about the middle-class owners because they don’t afford many expensive purses so they go for the cheaper one.

Most people make a mistake that they buy a cheap purse that may don’t comply with their requirements. In this case, I have also written a review about some best cheap purse for dogs that you need to read above.


Most leather bags can be cleaned easily with the help of a damp paper whenever it becomes dirty. The problem is that some people use the brush to clean it while they are harmful to leather. Using the brush on leather is highly not recommended as it ruins the shape and the look of a bag.

Now there is also a fabric bag that may be very difficult to clean because the stains get soaked in it and become very hard to remove them.

However, most purses are waterproof and can be washed in the washing machine to clean all the dirt easily. Some of these contain a removable pad which helps you to easily get that pad out and clean the mess your dog made.

Taking Care

Taking care of the bag is the most important task if you are going to use it for more than a year. Some big companies don’t allow you to keep them on moisture which may ruin the shape of the bag.

Most bags are not waterproof so it is recommended to keep them away from water and don’t take it out in rainy weather.

Don’t ever put your purse in a plastic bag because it may leave the smell inside it which your dog and you both don’t like.

Always store the newspapers inside the purse while not in use, in this way purse doesn’t lose its original shape.

It is highly recommended to keep your purse on the table or anywhere upright and avoid hanging, especially if you own a leather bag.


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